Course run by Geoff Mason at Dover Park Primary School in Ryde, Isle of Wight.

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Product Description

This qualification can be utilised independently to assure practitioners and those employing them that children’s safety is paramount and the use of the marine shores and beaches can be sustained for future generations as well as being productive in educating our children with their unique qualities and habitats.

Once the course is completed, the learner will be able to understand the sustainable management of marine beach ecosystems as a learning resource through the development of understanding of the ecological structure, management methods of local marine ecosystems and be able to demonstrate how to use and teach a range of practical skills appropriate to Beach Schools to include:

  • Temporary shelters using appropriate knots and resources.
  • Fire lighting and beach cooking fire
  • Pedagogical approaches to designing and delivering Beach School sessions
  • Use effective reflective processes
  • Development of Emotional Intelligence and Social Skills
  • Understand the unique Health and Safety requirements for running Beach Schools.

Areas investigated are:

  • Tidal forecasts
  • Seasons and tides
  • Fires and Landowners
  • Benefits Analysis and supporting the safety of your group
  • Basic good working practice procedures