Certificate in Outdoor Learning

This is a practical, hands-on course filled with action-packed ideas of how to use the natural environment creatively

The two-day course is concerned with exploring the use of the outdoor learning environment in a number of ways and will develop the confidence and expertise of practitioners, no matter their backgrounds into making decisions and choices as to the best approaches to use with their particular client group.

We will provide an overview of the current literature with an exploration of the historical significance of the relationship between childhood and nature in shaping the concepts of wellbeing, emotional literacy and confidence. Examples will be Froebel, Margaret McMillan and Goesta Frohm, a Swedish exponent of outdoor learning and Laevers as well as an introduction to Louv and Gill.

The course will enable you to give your children the natural experience they deserve, help them to appreciate the wealth of nature and to live lightly in the future.

These theorists underpin much of our outdoor learning practice we observe, especially in the early years, and this is designed as a 90% practical hands-on course, as a consequence, the majority of the time will be spent in sessions, exploring different natural elements. We will examine Earth, Air, Fire and, Water, with the main emphasis on the connectivity with the natural environment and how Nature becomes the third teacher. Underpinning each session will be a range of learning outcomes that cover aspects of social and emotional aspects of learning, practical knowledge or skill development to encourage confidence in participants.

Certificate in Outdoor Learning: Course Content

  • Historical Context to Outdoor Learning
  • Why Outdoor Learning is so important to individuals and communities
  • Benefits vs Risks – How to maximize the potential and keep your children safe – Tools to do the job
  • Exploring experiences – Ways of using the Earth, Air, String, and Fire
  • Reflective Practice, you and them
  • Development of themes – the emotional and social curriculum
  • Using a variety of reflections to enhance learning and reach potential
  • Examining ways of supporting children’s development – to be or not to be
  • Working with a range of groups and linking into curricula
  • Maslow and the basic needs of life, love and contentment
  • Developing themes and quality provision
  • Exploring and creative thinking
  • Plenary

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We no longer run this course unless it is ran as an Private course at your setting . Please get in touch with us on [email protected] or 0114 2834060 for more info.

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