Forest Schools

As world leaders in Forest School training, we have developed the highest levels of transformational pedagogy in the field of Forest Schools teaching.  Practitioners who have trained with us go on to create some of the most amazing adventures for the children and adults they meet and their outstanding results speak for themselves.

This training reaches a high level and only those seeking to work at a consistent and professional level will progress to become Forest Schools qualified Practitioners.  For progression, we will train you so that you can demonstrate the highest levels of pedagogical understanding, the most accomplished application of delivery over time and the desire to be the best of the best practitioners, who will have the opportunity to go on to become Level 4 Associate Trainers.

Our learner professionals will be challenged from day  one and their prior knowledge of teaching or working with children in outdoor spaces will be developed to achieve even greater new highs.

Forest Schools has trained more than 6,500 professionals around the world and the increase in awareness of Forest Schools transformational impact has been driven by our passion for setting aspirational standards and the specialist delivery of thousands of high quality evangelical practitioners .

Take a look at the different levels of training progression to see how you can qualify to work in the wonderful world of Forest Schools delivery…be the best you that you can possibly be, with Forest Schools Training…