Forest Schools Practitioner Training

The Forest Schools Practitioner Training Course (sometimes known as Level 3) is for:

  • Anyone in a facilitating teaching or mentoring role with babies, early years, young children, adolescents , young people or NEETS.
  • Anyone in social care: those responsible for mentoring young mothers, and young fathers, – families
  • Those in special needs forums: ASD learning disability, mental health, social care , adopters, adoptees.
  • Educators – teachers, TA’s caretakers and dinner/break staff.
  • Forestry and countryside workers: social forestry and educational groups.

You don’t need to have done Level 1 or 2 to join our Level 3 course. We only require that you have had past experience in working with children in any work capacity.

The course content of the Forest Schools Practitioner Training Course is based on up-to-date research surrounding aspects of:

  • Child development
  • Personal development
  • Neuro-science
  • Educational theory
  • Woodland conservation and recreation
  • Innovative and therapeutic theory in the outdoors
  • Risk assessments to enable safe outdoor play and education

This course enables you to set up and run Forest Schools sessions in your setting. You will investigate how best to design and run a Forest School programme and look at how to approach and apply it safely and effectively.

  • You will learn to understand the Archimedes Forest Schools Model and how this is essential to learning and development paradigms for wholeness and wellbeing
  • You will learn how to be Transformational not simply Transactional in your approach to working with others in nature
  • You will learn about the natural environment and how to manage it effectively and sustainably
  • You will learn the importance of understanding ecosystems and their function for educational development that includes both environmental as well as personal sustainability
  • You will learn not only the importance of emotional literacy but how you as a Forest School professional will integrate a professional developmental programme that is effectual at a neurological level of processing and formation
  • You will understand why the long-term interventional process of Archimedes Forest Schools is fundamental to personal, social and emotional development and a secure sense of self and place
  • You will understand what it’s like to be a learner who is challenged physically emotionally socially and spiritually
  • You will appreciate that as we walk our own journey we are continually changing and learning – you will learn that to empower children is a gift that can only make us wiser and our world a more imaginative, beautiful place in which to live
  • You will learn that the world and each child within it, including yourself, is precious and deserves compassion and love to succeed.
  • You will learn how to plan, design and resource fire : fire for light, for heat, for food, for community, for focus, for visions and for valuable lessons.
  • You will learn how to use struggle to overcome misunderstanding in order to create order from chaos
  • You will learn how boundaries and rules set us on a path to fresco. By using tools that are scary and dangerous and could do us harm, but actually give a joy and personal responsibility and a sense of worth and ver great adventures
  • An initial training week at your desired location consisting of 5 consecutive days of training.
  • Portfolio work – candidates take away their portfolio to work on (For about 6 months but allowed up to a year)
  • Development Week – Consisting of 4 consecutive days of assessment.
  • You must return your completed portfolio to us within 3 months from the date or your assessment week (after this, you will be charged a small re-registration fee).
  1. Simply choose the course and course location from the Book A Course page.
  2. You can choose to pay the full amount instantly or you can also pay a £200 deposit to secure your place, you can pay the remainder within 30 days or before your course start date, whichever is sooner.
  3. To run a Forest School Programme you will need an up-to-date First Aid qualification that you can add one for a discounted price whilst booking. Simply click the “Add First Aid” option to add on and you can let us know which Forest Schools First Aid course you would like to be booked onto at a later date.
  4. You’ll be sent an email with our information pack on what you need to bring and accommodation details.

Forest Schools Practitioner Training Includes:

  • Five days initial training week
  • Four days progression week plus assessment
  • Ongoing remote trainer support throughout your Forest Schools journey
  • Vouchers to spend in the Forest Schools Shop towards your new kit
  • On completion, the Forest Schools electronic badge of qualification
  • Discounted rates for your Forest Schools Insurance

What a fantastic course! I can’t believe I have achieved everything in a year. The children LOVE forest schools and the impact on the learning  has been immense!

The course exceeded my expectations – I found it very inspirational and can only hope that I manage to spread more of the Forest School ethos throughout the educational settings that I work in.

An inspiring course putting children back at the heart of education.

Fantastic week –enjoyed everything. Learned lots of new skills and theory. Can’t wait to put it into practice.

I’ve never enjoyed a course or training as much as this. I feel inspired, energised and more focused about my teaching and career future.”

Paul was a superb instructor who has truly opened my eyes to the opportunities that lie ahead for myself and the people I will be working with.

Very good balance of high-quality teaching and humour. Relaxed, approachable manner worked very well. Recognised individuals achievements, extremely knowledgeable.

Forest Schools